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    PDB 101d-1atr
    PDB 1ats-1bup
    PDB 1bvw-1cp8
    PDB 1cqi-1d9d
    PDB 1d9z-1dxe
    PDB 1dxf-1ed9
    PDB 1edr-1f2u
    PDB 1f3f-1fmw
    PDB 1fnm-1g8n
    PDB 1g8t-1gtv
    PDB 1gua-1hnz
    PDB 1hpm-1i95
    PDB 1i96-1iv2
    PDB 1iv3-1jgy
    PDB 1jgz-1k01
    PDB 1k02-1kil
    PDB 1kiz-1l3p
    PDB 1l3r-1lvh
    PDB 1lvk-1mn9
    PDB 1mnd-1n33
    PDB 1n52-1ngg
    PDB 1ngj-1ntb
    PDB 1nu4-1o93
    PDB 1o9t-1ouo
    PDB 1ouq-1pg4
    PDB 1php-1q54
    PDB 1q5h-1qgx
    PDB 1qh1-1r4a
    PDB 1r4x-1rqy
    PDB 1rrf-1s9j
    PDB 1sa0-1svm
    PDB 1svs-1te6
    PDB 1tez-1u0c
    PDB 1u0h-1uhx
    PDB 1uik-1vc9
    PDB 1vcl-1vsd
    PDB 1vst-1wax
    PDB 1wb1-1wzn
    PDB 1x06-1xg4
    PDB 1xhf-1xqa
    PDB 1xr1-1y84
    PDB 1y8a-1yns
    PDB 1yq2-1z0a
    PDB 1z0d-1zc4
    PDB 1zca-1zvq
    PDB 1zvw-2a5l
    PDB 2a5y-2anr
    PDB 2anv-2b8q
    PDB 2b8r-2bku
    PDB 2bm0-2c18
    PDB 2c19-2cic
    PDB 2cie-2d0q
    PDB 2d1k-2dw6
    PDB 2dw7-2egh
    PDB 2eh3-2f6t
    PDB 2f6v-2fmh
    PDB 2fmk-2g3h
    PDB 2g3s-2gl5
    PDB 2gl6-2h7v
    PDB 2h7x-2hne
    PDB 2hny-2i34
    PDB 2i3d-2io7
    PDB 2io8-2j3e
    PDB 2j3q-2jg1
    PDB 2jg2-2nvu
    PDB 2nvx-2oem
    PDB 2ofw-2our
    PDB 2ous-2pcl
    PDB 2pda-2px3
    PDB 2pxi-2q5z
    PDB 2q66-2qlx
    PDB 2qm1-2qwy
    PDB 2qx0-2rdr
    PDB 2rds-2uxq
    PDB 2uxr-2vbn
    PDB 2vbu-2vk8
    PDB 2vkf-2w7x
    PDB 2w83-2wi3
    PDB 2wia-2wzd
    PDB 2wzg-2xcp
    PDB 2xdg-2y0s
    PDB 2y3p-2z4r
    PDB 2z4s-2zjy
    PDB 2zkj-301d
    PDB 302d-3a5k
    PDB 3a5l-3ak8
    PDB 3ak9-3bb3
    PDB 3bb4-3bsu
    PDB 3btx-3c95
    PDB 3c9h-3ckg
    PDB 3clc-3cxc
    PDB 3cxo-3der
    PDB 3des-3du3
    PDB 3du7-3e84
    PDB 3e8m-3eni
    PDB 3eno-3ezw
    PDB 3ezx-3fcs
    PDB 3fct-3fqr
    PDB 3fqt-3g3y
    PDB 3g45-3gj3
    PDB 3gj4-3gve
    PDB 3gvn-3hdz
    PDB 3hfw-3hrz
    PDB 3hs0-3hzt
    PDB 3hzv-3iaf
    PDB 3iak-3ilo
    PDB 3imd-3jvt
    PDB 3jvv-3ka6
    PDB 3ka8-3kkp
    PDB 3kkq-3kxi
    PDB 3kxo-3ldw
    PDB 3lee-3lwm
    PDB 3lwn-3mey
    PDB 3mf4-3n23
    PDB 3n2a-3nkv
    PDB 3nl3-3ocm
    PDB 3ocu-3oiu
    PDB 3oiv-3oye
    PDB 3oyf-3pu9
    PDB 3pwx-3rmj
    PDB 3ro8-3t3p
    PDB 3t5t-3ukd
    PDB 3umm-3v9w
    PDB 3v9x-412d
    PDB 421p-4aov
    PDB 4ap5-4dg1
    PDB 4dh1-4dug
    PDB 4dwd-4en4
    PDB 4en5-4fk1
    PDB 4fkx-8ici
    PDB 8ruc-9rub

Magnesium in PDB, part 88 (4351-4400), PDB files 3bb4 - 3bsu

Experimental structures of coordination spheres of Magnesium (Mg) in bioorganic molecules from X-Ray and NMR experiments. Coordination spheres were calculated with 5.0 Angstroms radius around Magnesium atoms.
PDB files 4351-4400 (3bb4 - 3bsu):
  1. 3bb4 - Crystal Structure of TOC33 From Arabidopsis Thaliana in Complex With MG2+ and Gmppnp
  2. 3bbf - Crystal Structure of the NM23-H2 Transcription Factor Complex With Gdp
  3. 3bbp - RAB6-Gtp:GCC185 Rab Binding Domain Complex
  4. 3bbx - The HSP15 Protein Fitted Into The Low Resolution Cryo-Em Map of the 50S.Nc-Trna.HSP15 Complex
  5. 3bc1 - Crystal Structure of the Complex RAB27A-SLP2A
  6. 3bdh - Crystal Structure of Zinc-Deficient Wild-Type E. Coli Alkaline Phosphatase
  7. 3be4 - Crystal Structure of Cryptosporidium Parvum Adenylate Kinase CGD5_3360
  8. 3be6 - Crystal Structure of Fite (Crystal Form 2), A Group III Periplasmic Siderophore Binding Protein
  9. 3be7 - Crystal Structure of Zn-Dependent Arginine Carboxypeptidase
  10. 3ben - Structure Of N-(12-Imidazolyl-Dodecanoyl)-L-Leucine Inhibitor Bound to the Heme Domain of Cytochrome P450-BM3
  11. 3bf3 - Type III Pantothenate Kinase From Thermotoga Maritima Complexed With Product Phosphopantothenate
  12. 3bfn - Crystal Structure Of the Motor Domain of Human Kinesin Family Member 22
  13. 3bfv - Crystal Structure of the Chimerical Protein Capab
  14. 3bga - Crystal Structure of Beta-Galactosidase From Bacteroides Thetaiotaomicron Vpi-5482
  15. 3bh6 - Crystal Structure of the RP2-ARL3 Complex Bound to Gppnhp
  16. 3bh7 - Crystal Structure of the RP2-ARL3 Complex Bound to Gdp-ALF4
  17. 3bht - Structure of Phosphorylated THR160 CDK2/Cyclin A in Complex With the Inhibitor Meriolin 3
  18. 3bhu - Structure of Phosphorylated THR160 CDK2/Cyclin A in Complex With the Inhibitor Meriolin 5
  19. 3bhv - Structure of Phosphorylated THR160 CDK2/Cyclin A in Complex With the Inhibitor Variolin B
  20. 3bjc - Crystal Structure of the PDE5A Catalytic Domain in Complex With A Novel Inhibitor
  21. 3bjf - Pyruvate Kinase M2 Is A Phosphotyrosine Binding Protein
  22. 3bjs - Crystal Structure Of A Member of Enolase Superfamily From Polaromonas Sp. JS666
  23. 3bjt - Pyruvate Kinase M2 Is A Phosphotyrosine Binding Protein
  24. 3bjy - Catalytic Core of REV1 in Complex With Dna (Modified Template Guanine) and Incoming Nucleotide
  25. 3bk5 - Crystal Structure of Putative Outer Membrane Lipoprotein-Sorting Protein Domain From Vibrio Parahaemolyticus
  26. 3bk7 - Structure of the Complete ABCE1/Rnaase-L Inhibitor Protein From Pyrococcus Abysii
  27. 3bkn - The Structure of Mycobacterial Bacterioferritin
  28. 3bl5 - Crystal Structure of Quec From Bacillus Subtilis: An Enzyme Involved in PREQ1 Biosynthesis
  29. 3blq - Crystal Structure of Human CDK9/CYCLINT1 in Complex With Atp
  30. 3bm4 - Crystal Structure of Human Adp-Ribose Pyrophosphatase NUDT5 in Complex With Magnesium and Ampcpr
  31. 3bn3 - Crystal Structure of Icam-5 in Complex With Al I Domain
  32. 3bnx - Crystal Structure of Aristolochene Synthase Complexed With Farnesyl Diphosphate
  33. 3bny - Crystal Structure of Aristolochene Synthase Complexed With 2-Fluorofarnesyl Diphosphate (2F-Fpp)
  34. 3bo2 - A Relaxed Active Site Following Exon Ligation By A Group I Intron
  35. 3bo3 - A Relaxed Active Site Following Exon Ligation By A Group I Intron
  36. 3bo4 - A Relaxed Active Site Following Exon Ligation By A Group I Intron
  37. 3bos - Crystal Structure of A Putative Dna Replication Regulator Hda (SAMA_1916) From Shewanella Amazonensis SB2B At 1.75 A Resolution
  38. 3box - Crystal Structure of L-Rhamnonate Dehydratase From Salmonella Typhimurium Complexed With Mg
  39. 3boy - Crystal Structure of The Hutp Antitermination Complex Bound to the Hut Mrna
  40. 3bp1 - Crystal Structure of Putative 7-Cyano-7-Deazaguanine Reductase Quef From Vibrio Cholerae O1 Biovar Eltor
  41. 3bpc - Co-Crystal Structure of S25-2 Fab in Complex With 5-Deoxy-4- Epi-2,3-Dehydro Kdo (4.8) Kdo
  42. 3bpd - Crystal Structure of An Uncharacterized Protein (O28723_ARCFU) From Archaeoglobus Fulgidus
  43. 3bqb - Hexagonal Kristal Form of 2-Keto-3-Deoxyarabinonate Dehydratase
  44. 3bqp - Crystal Structure of Human Saposin D (Orthorhombic)
  45. 3brb - Crystal Structure Of Catalytic Domain of the Proto-Oncogene Tyrosine- Protein Kinase Mer in Complex With Adp
  46. 3bre - Crystal Structure of P.Aeruginosa PA3702
  47. 3brw - Structure of the Rap-Rapgap Complex
  48. 3bs1 - Structure Of the Staphylococcus Aureus Agra Lyttr Domain Bound to Dna Reveals A Beta Fold With A Novel Mode of Binding
  49. 3bsd - Light Harvesting Protein From Rc of Chlorobium Tepidum
  50. 3bsu - Hybrid-Binding Domain of Human Rnase H1 in Complex With 12- Mer Rna/Dna


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